All About Penis Pumps

Male organ enlargement has lasted a long time. The way, male organ pump is one of the most popular methods. The earliest patent of these mechanical devices dates back to 1911. These devices, however, proved to be ineffective because they were cold and uncomfortable to use. It was in 1959 that a man by the name of Freddie W. Sell invented and patented the first manual male organ pump. He called it "The Erector." Check out to get started.

There are various types of Bathmate male organ pumps on the market. The Squeeze Ball is the most common and widely used male organ pump, followed by The Plunger. This works like a bike tire pump. Next is the Hand Grip, and it is considered among users of more than one type of male organ pump to be better at regulating pressure. There is also The Electric. That's a top-of-the-line male organ pump. It offers a hands free experience. It has various settings and fully regulated suction. Finally, the most revered of male organ pumps is the Vibrating Male organ Pump. Not only does it provide sucking action, it also vibrates simultaneously.

A man inserts his male organ into a cylindrical tube which is attached by a hose to a male organ pump. The lip around the base of the tube makes a tight seal around the male organ. As the air is sucked out of the tube by the vacuum pump, the male organ is pulled further into the tube which increases the blood flow to the male organ. This increased blood flow allows for the male organ to become harder and more erect in a faster amount of time. A male organ pump can be used for masturbation or to increase the sexual activity between a man and his mate. It also adds length and width to the male organ over time, making intercourse more pleasurable for women as well.

First, lubricate the male organ pump's rubber or latex ring, and apply lubricant on your male organ as well. Second, insert your male organ inside the pump, and then push until the tube's mouth reaches the base of your male organ. Third, start working the pump. You will feel a slight pressure on your male organ as air is drawn from the tube. Forth, continue pumping until your male organ is erect, and then take a few minutes to check if everything is in order; like if the pressure is comfortable. Fifth, continue pumping, but remember to stop every few pumps so you could check your male organ. Significance Male organ pumps have been used to treat erectile dysfunction long before medications like Viagra and Levitra came along.